In 2014 I moved to the USA to pursue an education. I attended Highlands College and ARC where I received a lot of valuable experience and knowledge in leadership and event management.

However, I’ve always been a coffee connoisseur. During my time in the US, I was fortunate to work in the coffee industry, with professionals in this field, at Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. Thanks to the Domestique crew, several dozen of books, Counter Culture School, and many cups of coffee, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. The business aspect I learned through working for Civil Stoneware. It was indeed an exceptional experience. Now 3 1/2 years later, I’ve come to realize my dream, to do what I love in my country. As I begin this journey, I am excited to share my successes and difficulties of building a business in Ukraine.


I would not have paid attention to a lot of the sad reality our country faces, if it wasn’t for my sister, continually reminding me that things can be better. She lived in the US for a while, studied with professionals, and it seems to me, worked in the right environment. America did not lead her away from her plan, and she returned to Ukraine. The experience she gained there, set a very high bar, and there are many things that we want to implement to our country.

 Now, my sister and I started a coffee roasting company. It’s fascinating for us, to get to this point from scratch. From beginners (I’m talking about myself) to seeing how much and how we will grow. We have a huge desire to see our country honest and prosperous, and we want to be a part of it getting there. We are ready to share our experience!

 I will end this with a quote from a famous author, whom I recommend to all beginner-entrepreneur:

Fight – and you will overcome!T. Shevchenko